Parent's Questions
How long must I wait for an appointment for a sick child?
We try to accommodate all sick children on the same day you call for an appointment.
What age does my child need to see an adult physician?
We see children from birth until they graduate from college.
Can our children obtain an antibiotic without an appointment?
No, your doctor needs to examine your child and determine what treatment is appropriate, as well as documenting it in your child's record. Unecessary antibiotics can overmedicate the children and cause problems.
Can my 16-year old come in to be seen by themselves?
We will see patients who are over 16 and can drive themselves. The administration of any immunizations does require a parent's presence or permission over the phone. However we like to have the parents attend the check ups as often as possible to discuss any concerns.
Will my child still be seen if we arrive late for an appointment?
If you arrive 30 minutes late or more for a well-child visit, you may need to reschedule your appointment. we will do our best to work you in if possible. If you are late for a sick-child appointment, we will still see your child, but you may need to wait for those that have appointments and have arrived on time. Please call if you are running late so that we can try to fit you into the schedule faster.